Solvent Less Lamination Machine Manufacturer in India 1

Solvent Less Lamination Machine

Web Width 
500 – 1500 mm
Unwind Rewind Diameter
800 mm
Machine Speed
300 M/Min
Synchronized Drive
5 HP / 5 / 7.5,10 / 3 HP for Coater
3/5 HP
Material to be Laminated
Polyester, Paper, BOPP, Aluminum Foil, LDPE
Pneumatically Operated
Pneumatically Operated

Perfect Lamination Machine

Fadia Engineer is a leading manufacturing of solvent less lamination machine. They come with their mew machine to fulfill the need of flexible packaging market.

These machines are equipped with latest technology for optimum performance and also has user friendly interfacing to operate. This solvent less machines are capable to handle various laminating jobs.

Fadia Engineer designs machines mainly for short and medium runs application for plastic films. This solvent less machine can used to laminate materials like Polyester, Paper, BOPP, Aluminum, Foil and LDPE.

There is less time require for remove the metering cylinder and it is completed with just unlocking the driving system on the cylinder.

The Fadia engineer solvent-base lamination machine is made with high quality material and have strong and sturdy steel frame structure. There are stiffening tie-rods to minimize the vibration when it is on maximum speed. Every used part in the machine mechanical and electrical are passed from various quality and performance tests to ensure the long life of the machine.

The shaft-less unwinders web tension is controlled by pneumatics brakes and it is rewind web tension control with using latest generation AC motor and also it maintains the set tension precisely for reel run and the system have AC motor and AC drive.

There is A.C drive base closed loop controller for web handling and supported by latest electronics. For entire machine control and supervise there is high performance motion controller and also has its own intelligent software.

For the control there is touch screen display and the interface is user friendly. For the safety of operator, machine, and electronics components there is routine software and hardware check.

Laminator unit is heated chrome-plated, ground steel roll having double walls. It has an internal coil for uniform heating on width and a rider roll and it is coated with hard rubber and driven by pneumatic pistons and it is adjusted on both ends. The R5 lay on roller help to provide smooth and homogenous adhesive layer. The backup roller ensures the uniformity and smoothness of air bubbles.

R1: first feeding roller, heated and manually rotated both side.

R2: The feeding roller is heated and it is independent motorized from R1, this allowing the floating system created to facilitate the cleaning process.

R3: Have Metering roller rubber coated and it is interchange and able for different web widths.

R4: Heated and Motorized roller and allows a perfect delivery of adhesive over the substrate coordinate speed with R3.