Shaftless Type Rotogravure Specification

Min Web Width
600, 900, 1100 mm
With Shaft
400,500,700 mm
Operating Speed
150, 200, 250 M/Min
Maximum Cylinder Circumference
350 to 900 mm
Roll Outer Diameter
800 mm
Printing Materials
Polyester, Paper, Bopp, PVC, LDPE
Registration Longitudinal
Motorized Ball Screw
Motorized (Optional)
Tension control Feedback
Through Load Cell
Drive System
5 Drive System
Optional Features
Web Video, ARC, INK, Circulation Pump

Smart Print Series 2500 Rotogravure

Shaftless Type Rotogravure is new genearation Rotogravure Printing Machine for flexible packaging Industry. The Shaftless Type Rotogravure comes with 150, 200, 250 mtr/min printing capacity & suitable for 6,8 & 10 colours.

It use to print on Polyester, Paper, Bopp, PVC, LDPE. This machines are programmable and easy to operate. Rotogravure machine comes with state of art technology and robust construction.

Shaftless Type Rotogravure is designed for super performce and cost effective operation.

Following Operations Functionality Available On Each Station
1. Emergency Stop Push Button
2. Pneumatic Contorls
3. Rope Stop For Emergency Stop
4. HMI on printing station
5. Push Button For Hood Opening & Closing
6. Joystick for manual setting

Rotogravure Printing Machine is made of steel frame structure & structure is accurately machined. Steel Structure is specially design for less vibration & efficient performance.

The Ventilation system is specially designed for low energy consumption. The Servo controlled damper on each printing unit is capable to recycle processed air and exhaust solvent contaminated air. Solvent contaminated air catch is from top and upper portion of print units via ducts/piping fitted using servo controller damper.

The machine keeps a set pressure between in-feed and original printing unit just and isolates the printing device from pressure disturbance of this unwinding zone. The machine mainly made up of Matt chromium plated steel roller, AC servo motor and drive, load cell and rubber coated nip roller using pneumatically adjustable pressure.

Designed to guarantee a proper profile of the blade leading to diminished blade strain, better print quality and longer cylinder lifetime. The blade locking by eccentric rod without tools. The team lets horizontal and angular adjustment to your doctor blade position onto engraved cylinder.