High Speed Surface Slitting Specification

Web Width
2500 mm
Machine Speed
200 & 300 M/Min
Max. Roll Dia. At Unwinder
800 mm
Max. Roll Dia. At Rewinder
600 mm
Max. Unwinder Roll Weight
500 Kgs
Min Slitting Width
50 mm
Material Can Be Run
Polyester, Paper, BOPP,Laminates, LDPE

Perfect Slitting Machine

Fadia engineer’s surface high speed slitting rewinding machine ensures the perfect slitting of rolls with consistent flawless quality and constant line speed.

Machine is versatile and provide combination of Duplex Centre cum surface rewind system. There is constantly flawless slit rolls by providing centre driver drum to maintain. There is fixed minimum distance between slitting and rewind point. There are two rewinding shaft carried on swinging arms are centre driven through adjustable slipping clutch. Machine has constant Line Speed Causes Constant Tension Rolls.

  • This machine is suitable for caliper, slippery and stretchy material.
  • Line Speed Up To 100-200 Meter/Min. Depending on the thickness of the materials & operating conditions.
  • Side frame construction of ribbed anti vibrational body.
  • Rewind-central drum or Duplex type.
  • For special cases rewinding shaft is supplied with provision of individual different slip assembly for each slit reel.
  • Customized Roll Handling System for Enhanced Production & Ergonomic Safety.
  • Trim separation by air blower of 1.0 HP Ac Motor.
  • In the machine there is counter balance system to adjust pressure between rewind reels and centre drum.
  • Slitting method can be set as per customer need like Scissor cut/ crush cut (circular knives) / razor blade slitting system.
  • AC Drive System.
  • Dynamically balances drive rollers.