High Speed Cantilever Slitting Machine Manufacturer

High Speed Cantilever Slitting Specification

Web Width
1000, 1300 mm
Machine Speed
300 & 400 mm
Max. Roll Dia. At Unwinder
800 mm
Max. Roll Dia. At Rewinder
500 mm
Max. Unwinder Roll Weight
500 Kgs
Min Slitting Width
50 mm
Material Can Be Run
Polyester, Paper, BOPP, Laminates, LDPE

Perfect Slitting Machine

This is a duplex shaft slitter rewinder and it is a cantilever type which have various features which ensures the optimum quality for final split roll. There is independent rewind tension control via non-contact ultra-sonic method for diameter measurement and unique core lock for differential slip at running speed. In the design there is three motor control system & unwind pneumatic brake with load cell feed brake. The machine has digital Edge/line guide for achieving high speed correction.

Shaftless type heavy duty unwinder comlate with core of 76mm & 150mm and fitted with pneumatic brake and load cell actuated latest line guide system.

There is a Razor in groove/circular rotary slitting system. There is one full width capacity grooved roller.

Trim removal system: 2 HP blower with full width Pipe for trimming along with a trim Injector unit.

There is quick and easy system for change over from one slitting mode to another and from one slit width to another.

Type of Rewinding: Duplex Cantilever Differential Winding with pneumatic pressure to maintain slip edge of rewind roll through digital E/P converter with indicator and Ultra-sonic sensor to maintain rewind diameter. There is a Quick lock unit for rewinding/pneumatically controlled lay on roller operator friendly remote-control panel provided at rewind for electrical and pneumatic system. There is one common servo motor for both rewinder.

One full width capacity hard chrome plated steel roller of 150mm diameter. one full width capacity rubber roller of 150mm diameter. Pressure is pneumatically applied from the operation side of the machine and this unit is controlled by servo motor.

The Assembly is fitted on top of the rewind shaft to indicate the position of new core to get exact finish size on every roll change over.