Backward Curved Fans

Hetal Industries manufactures the wide range of Industrial blowers in India. Backward Curved fans are also known as Radial Fans and Centrifugal fans with backward curved blades. The centrifugal fans provide very good cooling at high-pressure conditions. Hetal Industries manufactures backward curved fans of frequency 50Hz to 400mm. These fans available in 230 VAC.

Its hydraulic efficiency is very high, these external rotor fans are ideal for cooing at high pressure. These Backward curved fans are mainly used in Panel Acs, Air handling units, Clean rooms, Conveying and Drying.

Backward Curved Fans

Size mmФ130×54Ф180×49Ф192×60Ф220×63Ф225×65
Volt (V)230230230230415
Watts (W)5151509796
Current (A)
Speed (rpm)22002200140023502350
Capacitor (uF)
Air Vol. (m3 / hr)225225225375375
Noise (dBA)7070607373
Nt. Wt. (Kg.)

Backward Curved Fans Design

Application of Backward Curved Fans

➡ Panel ACs

➡ Air Handling Units

➡ CClean Rooms


➡ Drying